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  1. Sometimes that’s what happens though, the Ref will not always get it right. Great chapter nonetheless thank you IMS very much for the speed and quality of these Baby Steps releases

  2. Thanks again for those chapters, released so fast :D wondering what’s going to happen in the next chapter (i’ll say nothing more, dont wanna spoil…)

  3. Thanks a ton for the fast releases! I think this series is way better than Prince of Tennis, PoT has a lot of cool flashy stuff, but this one has a lot more depth, you can relate to E-chan a lot better than super saiyan Ryoma.

  4. Thank you so much! More Baby Steps is awesome! Really appreciate all your hard work and efforts on this!

  5. Thanks a lot you guys for the chapter. Though i’m wondering how long will this marathon last I mean till what chapter or maybe will it last till the latest chapter????

  6. wow thanks for the chapter, just reading this when i wake up before school :P, damn I’m hating that ref right now.

  7. Thanks for this series of chapters ! This manga is really fun, with its focus on realistic tennis and believable characters :)

  8. Thank you !!!!!! I really love how Ei-chan doesn’t have any special superskill like other mangas and have to work hard and focus on control. This manga is really my favorite manga. Thank you very much again for your work! <3 imangascans!

  9. thanks for the chapter
    I have babystep raw chapter 100 to 193

    last week baby step reach chapter 194 (raw)

  10. It’s getting quite interesting… You’re awesome, beacuse of you I’m sad that it’s already friday:D

  11. Thanks a lot for the frequent updates! I have looked at the raws of Baby Steps, but seriously, there’s no way to understand _anything_ in this manga without the text. So: Much appreciated!

  12. Weeeeehhhhh Thanks, so many chapters so fast :D I don’t even have to download the raws and read them since it’s going this fast. xD

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