23 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch64”

  1. Welcome Busaway! : ) Darn. This chapter feels like Ei-chan’s last stand before Nabae’s domination..

  2. LOL so awesome that accuracy , but damn thats hard to pull off… I dont know if he can go for that many point in a row its quite stressful for the mind .

  3. Thanks for yet another release guys:) hi & welcome to Busaway, i look forward to seeing more baby steps so thanks for the hard work guys :)

  4. Hi Busaway! (^^)/

    Thanks for the new chapter! It always perks up my day to see a new Baby Steps.

  5. Thanks for scanlating this great series.
    Any other tennis manga is not as realistic as this one. *cough* prince of tennis *cough*.
    Love this manga.
    <3 <3 <3

  6. Greetings sir! Thank you for your hard work just like all the staff!

    The referee made a call pretty late. His expression is quite surprised too.

    Seems like Ei-chan is getting worn down… I think he’ll lose, but will it be in two sets?

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