We know it’s a little bit early for some (and a little bit late for others), but ImangaScans has joined the SOPA blackout. Sweet.

As you all know, or should know, SOPA and Project IP are those really crazy law projects that some big shots are trying to push in the United States. What those laws mean is the end of the Internet and all of humanity, yada, yada. So, if you are like us and value freedom and all that is just and holy, please support us, and our fellow brothers and sisters on the Internet, in our fight against censorship!

19 thoughts on “SOPA/PIPA”

  1. we in europe had something like that going on in every state, but the European Court of Justice stopped all those insane ideas because it was affecting the rights to respect for communications and protection of personal data of european citizens, also constituted a limitation of free enterprise and a threat to freedom of information on the web…

  2. These acts will kill modern American society and slow our economic growth, as citizens of America we need to let congress know that Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) should not be put in action. Do something to fight, sign something to go against these acts, protest to a senator, tell somebody to join the cause. Be an American and fight against acts that are not right!

  3. I’m in Thai. And I felt that this is REALLY not a right thing!!!!. EVERYONE IN US. Stop SOPA!!!! Do your best!

  4. I think SOPA is just like prohibition of alcohol. While there might be some positive changes, overall it’s a terrible idea. Hope it won’t take them 13 years to realize it…

    1. I say die… :D

      Still, I’m a bit sad that they didn’t start this crap in China first…like asking China to fix the problem that is causing them to lose money. Yes, yes, I hate mangafox and they should die specially NOEZ. Still I was checking some sites and it seems like the most crap that does affect comes from China. So to fix it instead of SOPA they should start with countries like China and Brazil, then they can start looking at America.

      Anyway anyone can see that this is for the big man who needs more money than the little manga who is crying cuz he’s going to die if he keeps releasing stuff that no one buys but everyone pirates.

  5. they create the internet now there afraid of wat its become. wat they shud be doing is positively reinforcing it, make tv on the internet etc. If they censor everything thats waaaaay to much power for a country, that means there able to know everything we do on the net, there pretty much asking legally to search us for life.. although it helps catch criminals etc. it hurts alot of good people too.. which im sure theres mroe good people then bad people otherwise society would be chaos.

  6. I’ve been calling my congress critters local offices every time I see something mentioned about PIPA and SOPA plus sending emails for the past month. I think they may be getting tired of me. I’ve been working on my coworkers to do the same.

  7. Damn politicians, always trying to find new ways to fuck the fun. If those law proyects are approved the Internet will never be the same.Manga, music, TV series, books, pictures, videos will become a luxury for a few lucky ones and the rest of us will have to return to the stone age, that is truly regrettable

    1. It’s up to the Americans writing to their congressmen, I guess. What we can do is make some noise and “protest” from the comfort of our homes. Just go around, tell your friends, etc.

  8. Don’t forget about Protect-IP Act. Equally destructive act produced by the senate. Vote for it is Jan 23rd.

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