Baby Steps Ch61

Anyone else think that E-chan’s pupils are REALLY dilated? In anime/manga/cartoons, characters are often depicted as having large eyes. In many cultures, it is has its aesthetic appeal. Normally, In the fight/flight response pupils dilate to allow more light. However, since long ago, individuals, women in particular would artificially induce this effect. Ever heard of Atropa Belladonna? No? How about Atropine? The eye drops are still used in medicine, but you won’t be seeing it used with make up anymore due to it’s adverse effects. Enjoy the release, and stare deeply into E-chan’s eyes! You’ll see the universe in there.

26 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch61”

  1. woot mroe baby steps ^^, im enjoying this battle, I’m also really curious if echan can figure out a weakpoint even if he loses it will surely help him in the future :P

  2. I never expected Ei-kun putting such a fight against the national champion.. this keeps getting interesting!

  3. Thank you for the Baby Steps translations!! Also, really appreciate the recent increase in speed … don’t wear yourselves out!

  4. Thanks for this chapter you guys are awesome scanlators! i wanted to sugest a manga king of golf. Its awesome and it realy needs to get scanlated. consider it :D

    1. Not only “King Golf” also “Capeta” should be scanlated, since the Scan-Groups ( i think ) dropped it.

    2. We have way too many projects on our hands right now, so we’re not really looking for new ones. The more we pick up, the slower they all get – Baby Steps is fast now, but at the expense of other projects. Keep that in mind.

  5. i wanted to say thanks for those quick releases of Baby Steps (i just started to read it^^)
    have a nice day

  6. My guess: He uses atropine to be able to use his superhuman eyes even more of course… Anyway, as always: thanks for the release!

  7. as always thanks for the new chap guy, please keep it up :) im finding it really hard to come up with somethink to say every time now cuz what els can u say after “u guys are awesome” :) but any way thanks again guys :)

  8. Just want to make sure you know we REALLY like the fast Baby Steps releases :D Thank you, please, keep up the good work :)

  9. What is that? I would appreciate it if you guys forget your IRL stuff and concentrate on Scanning for us. >=D hehehe. Joke, I really appreciate the fast releases. Tnx guys

  10. Nice match till know, I hope that E-chan will success and win the match. But now it is a little impossible, but hwo knows ?^^

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