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  1. I feel Nabae-kun will definitely show his true strength in the next chapters, after all he hasn’t been serious at all. Still, it’s awesome that Maruo-kun is able to keep up with the national champion.

    Thanks for the fast releases!

  2. First off thanks for the torrent of chapters these past few days! Hopefully it keeps up?

    Secondly though, I was wondering in Japanese did they really call it “service dash”? Not to undermine your knowledge of tennis or anything because I know some tennis terms are different over there even if it’s in english but “serve and volley” is normally the term for what Ei-kun did at pg 9.

    1. I’ll agree with geassed. First, a very large thank you for yet another baby steps.

      Second, while I don’t exactly mind, a lot of the terms used seem to be more deeply related to the Japanese they came from than to what an English speaking(North American) tennis player might say. Serve and volley is one example. Also, you might generally say “hit crosscourt” or “hit down the line” rather than “a cross” or “a straight”. There are probably a few other examples, and it doesn’t take away from the readability at all, but I figured it might be good to point out these differences. Feel free to respond if you guys felt the need to know what the terminology might be in a different area.

    2. why not come irc and see me, could you help us with tennis term, so somehow we can release version 2. if no irc, then can you pm me on forum.. we are appreciate your helps

    3. I think “Serve & Volley” is used as a term for the specific style, while “service dash” corresponds to the act of running up to the net right after hitting the serve.

      and as u can tell, I’m not too familiar with tennis vocab, and wikipedia doesn’t have much :P

    4. I agree those are the correct tennis terms, but I do believe Prince of tennis calls the shots similarly to how it’s translated here.

    5. @ruggia it’s used for both. S&V is a style but we also use it to describe the act of it. I’ve never really heard “service dash” used around. Maybe it’s an archaic term?

      @Kajii I’ll try to get on irc, never really use it but I do hope I could help!

  3. I have a funny feeling E chan going to lose it seems to good to be true >.>, thanks for the release keep up the good work ^^

  4. Thank you very much yet again! :)

    Ei-chan is doing well, but I have serious doubts about him being able to beat the #1 player in Japan right out of the box.

  5. oh yes more baby steps u guys are great, im loving the speed at wich ur releasing them guys, thank you very much. this is great please keep them coming. THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK :)

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