Baby Steps ch58

FINALLY a chapter with some action! Looks like E-chan’s training is serving him well.

Stark wishes to state that the marathon has begun for Baby Steps; A quickened pace for Baby Steps is planned. However, I am a bit skeptical about whether or not this pace can be maintained. Therefore, if the marathon does not come to pass, be sure to visit our IRC channel to stab Stark.

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  1. SO happy for the new releases. This is awesome. Baby Steps has definitely been my fave for the last while. Thanks guys!!

  2. Awesome I’m amazed at the speed ^^, Dont worry if you cant keep the marathon it still beats the regular pace of how the series was going before. Very thankful this series was picked up, I really wanna buy these volumes in english but I doubt they’ll ever get released :l

  3. Ah, so this is the 5 chapters a week pace I was reading about earlier? Seems even better that right now…All I know is I can’t get enough of this manga and it’s a perfect way to spend the week before school. Not that I’ll hold anyone to it, but what is the pace that you guys are currently aiming for?

    1. Epic! Well no matter how it turns out, thank you very much! For anyone who plays tennis, this is definitely a fun read :)

  4. I love this manga and your releases are great. It’s always exciting when any manga gets released in rapid succession, but I’m extra pleased when you all do it. Thanks for all the amazing work!

  5. oh my god a marathon is just what this manga needs, u guys are great, i hope ur able to do it :) cuz i really wouldnt like to stab Stark lol keep it up guys :)

  6. Baby Steps marathon? Sounds good to me! Well, I’m satisfied even if it’s just jogging. Thank you very much!

  7. Whoa loving the new pace here, Thanks guys will be waiting for the next chapter
    I always wanted to do this so here goes

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