New Series: Melty Blood X

Yeah, I know, I know, yet another release. But hey, at least it’s Type-Moon!

I haven’t read Melty Blood, or any of the other Type-Moon mangas, but I’ve played some of the games and they’re really nice. I hear Melty Blood is quite funny, and I guess this one will be as well, so check it out! (well, this chapter is more like a preview or an ad, so don’t expect too much)

All thanks for this one goes to Stark. Leave a comment if you’d like to have his babies.

7 thoughts on “New Series: Melty Blood X”

  1. I hope Nanaya Shiki shows up. I never listened to the drama CD. I did play the following arcade games though, and he’s there. He’s somewhat of a badass.

  2. thanks for your answers george and ruggia, it is better that way cause I haven’t read more than a few chapters of Melty Blood Act 2

  3. is this some kind of sequel to Melty Blood act 2? or it is not related to that manga in any way except for the characters?. thanks for this new proyect and I hope that someone may answer my questions

    1. I hope so too, Serph. I don’t really know, since I haven’t read it, but I think it’s completely unrelated and just the characters are the same.

    2. it’s a pseudo-sequel.
      technically, it happens in a parallel universe that’s different from the Act 2 and the characters themselves “tries hard” to separated them……
      you’ll see as you read more chapters XD

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