New~ Superior Cross v5 ch18

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It a project that a lot of people have been waiting for, just got to say i really enjoy working on this as it is one of my Favorite series. Hehe, it not really imangascans project, but I decided to release here since this was the main group I work with. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the people on the credit page, they all played their important part.

Currently this chapter is watermarked, and as i said in the release note found on one of the last few pages, I wont be releasing a watermark-free version since Enxame will be releasing the volume not too long from now. So wait for theirs if you like to have a good copy.
It was HARD AS HELL TO FIND TRANSLATOR for this series, and still in need of them to finish the rest and the next volume, since Enxame doen’t seem to want my help. With more translators i could release more.

Oh right you can find the release at batoto, you can download a copy here too but it still gonna have watermark on it….

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    1. lol…sigh
      you really do need to go away, i already said that they were going to release the whole volume within a week of this release.
      SO I ALREADY KNEW it was going to be a waste anway
      so GTFO and i dont need you telling me what i already said.

    2. yah and that why i did superior, and your calling it a waste of efforts.
      just like how i am saying you already quit, you should stay out of scanlation than.

    3. Quitting scanlation doesn’t mean I quite trolling the scene.
      Two different things.
      You’ll need more than that to get rid off me.

  1. thank fucking christ someone released anything of volume 5… you have no idea how much i have read read the manga at this point just waiting for this.

    i wish i knew japanese, and if there was any kind of a guarantee that i would be able to learn it, i would start in a heart beat, but i dont want to spend money attempting to do something impossible… if i could though, i would be a one man machine. as i know damn near every step in the process besides the translation part.

    scanning —- check
    editing —– check
    cleaning —- check
    typesetting —- check
    proofreading —- there is google documents

    but translateing, so wish i could learn that, or at least see if i can pick it up in a way that doesnt waste countless hours and hundred of dollars.

    1. they released their volume 5 and i compared the pages…

      and so everyone knows, im saying this as someone who has done every step of the process appart from translating, but holy crap they have either the worst scanner in history, or they have no clue how to edit…

      not to mention how they treated this chapter being released, at least in the post on the topic…

      anyone know where i can get the raws for this series… superior and superior cross, if possible i want them untouched from any edits so i can do it all myself, i don’t have trust in that group to release this series in the quality it deserves. this group could do it, even with water marks the chapter is far better, but i cant ask someone to reedit everything.

  2. thanks for the chapter, for a moment a was thinking that i would never read the volume 5 of this great manga.

  3. “CylcoBenzene” loooooool.

    Skimming through the final “proofread” product, I can’t help but wonder how terrible the original script was.

    Also, I love how the overwhelming majority of English-speaking fans will never learn a foreign language and/or buy the manga even though they claim to love the series so much. Keepin’ it real, scanlation.

    1. Not everyone has time to learn a foreign language and I’m pretty sure there’s no English version you can buy. Keepin it real =.=

  4. Thank god, I was wondering what was gonna happen next. I hope EXNAME releases v5 soon since it’s been 300 days, but people have lives.

    Seems like I’ve been coming to imangascans every day this week because of quality releases of various mango. It’s a good thing.

  5. Yay, thanks for the release!! I was waiting so patience and endurance for it to come out… ^W^

  6. Thank you sooo much! Like other Superior/Superior Cross fans, the wait for Enxame to release volume 5 has been a lesson in patience and endurance (aka painful and annoying). Having this chapter will help make the wait a bit better! Thanks!

  7. Wow you’re behind with any other projects but you’re picking up new stuff that gets released later anyway?
    And you’re even watermarking it…
    Honestly, talk about waste of time…
    Who is going to read that.

    Exame ftw

    1. behind in what project?
      and it doesnt matter if noone wants to read it, i’ll do what i want

    2. Plenty of people will read it, because Exame has been saying they’ll release “Soon” for the better part of a year now.

  8. Thank you very much! I waited for sooo long.
    But somewhy your release was removed from batoto. It was strange i was right in the middle of reading (25-th page) and then poof and it doesn’t work anymore. :(
    Of course I can download it but I do prefer online readers…

  9. I thought I drop by to say thank you for the release. Your cleaning was totally good, plus thank you for being considerate of the series’ fans (lovers). :]

  10. You are a god. I will bake a batch of cookies for each release, no matter how bad the cookies will taste.

  11. My thanks, people. Seriously, excellent work! Everyone’s been waiting for this for close to a year.

  12. Thanks for superior. This is nice manga and waiting for new releases were too long.

    So thank you very much.

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