New~ Superior Cross v5 ch18

credit page

It a project that a lot of people have been waiting for, just got to say i really enjoy working on this as it is one of my Favorite series. Hehe, it not really imangascans project, but I decided to release here since this was the main group I work with. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the people on the credit page, they all played their important part.

Currently this chapter is watermarked, and as i said in the release note found on one of the last few pages, I wont be releasing a watermark-free version since Enxame will be releasing the volume not too long from now. So wait for theirs if you like to have a good copy.
It was HARD AS HELL TO FIND TRANSLATOR for this series, and still in need of them to finish the rest and the next volume, since Enxame doen’t seem to want my help. With more translators i could release more.

Oh right you can find the release at batoto, you can download a copy here too but it still gonna have watermark on it….