Baby Steps – Ch54

Surprise surprise! Here’s another chapter! Yes, this early! But anyway Same old, same old!

Enjoy this new chapter!

Note: We are currently looking for a Redrawer for Baby Steps in order to speed up the releases. Please apply on the forum if you are interested.

14 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch54”

  1. Thanks! Always looking forward to your Baby Steps scans.
    Tried reading it in Japanese but Maruo thinks too much and it takes me forever to read through one chapter. 2 chapters release was a nice surprise, hoping for more of those! :D

  2. oh my god im falling in love with u again lol i cant beleave this another chap of babysteps u guys a great, i love this manga & thank you for all the hard work guys :) please keep it up :) MERRY XMASS

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