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Hi, maybe some of you are wondering what happened with chapter 109, well it was on a break, so it should have been this week. However, we decided that we could no longer do Good Ending. Why? Because our beloved translator Gachimaya decided to retire, so instead of replacing her, we decided to drop it. I will give you info on which group will pick it up, so keep your eyes open on these updates. Thank you for supporting us on Good Ending project, it’s been a long run :)

UPDATES: Red Hawk will pick up Good Ending Project so visit them:

About Kitsune no Yomeiri:

We do have up to volume 7, so whoever is interested in working on it, let me know if we can do a joint or if you want to do it by yourself. Please contact me by the name of Kajii on irc.


We imangascans staffs thank you for everything you’ve done for us, you are our idol :3, we always will love you. we would like to wish you the best with your real life! hang in there~! please come by to visit us on irc some times~

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  1. Thanks for all the hard work during all that time, good thing a decent group as Red Hawk will follow up.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I thank you for continuing to complete this series. ME and my Family love this manga a follow up with every week. So please do keep sending raws and keep putting a smile on a faces. Thanks for everything.

  2. Well this is pretty sad. It feels like it’s been a long journey, traveling with you guys… I hoped we’d reach the end together. Nevertheless, thanks for the memories. Good luck with your other works.

  3. Thanks for all the releases up until now. Been a long time follower. Your dedication to the project along with the quality of the releases were top notch.

  4. Thank you guys for all your hard work. I’m also glad RHS picked it up and not some random bad scan group. Thanks guys. Ima go download all the chapters now xD

  5. Thank you for your work in this manga, i started reading GE thanks to you and i really enjoyed reading it and working on it. Good luck to everybody in every aspect of the life

  6. :O ??…what !!!! !!! thats sad !! :'( well..just say Thank you very much for all releases GE-Good Ending !!!

  7. Ah man, I’m sad to see you guys won’t be doing GE anymore. I think you were doing an awesome job, and got it out really quickly. I hope your old translator enjoys his retirement. Maybe now would be a good time to check out some of the other titles translated ( up until now I only read GE lol )

  8. Well…I would say that I was sad that you dropped it but really I’m not. This title was going on a path (downhill) that I don’t want it to go…it is totally obvious that the author is now just milking this title instead of ending it. SO I kinda stopped reading it…so I don’t care. I may read the end of it one day when I’m bored and even raws or a summery from a blog would be fine with me.

    RH taking it up….that’s fine with me too…I know they like series like those. I also stopped reading their Kono Machi cuz it went downhill milking money and taking the ntr route…great stuff always becomes shit when people try to milk it for money. Only the simpleminded can keep reading stuff like that…yes I place it in the same boat as Naruto and specially Bleach and Detective Conan since everyone can see that the authors are just milking money from the readers and fans.

    Anyway you have a nice life Gachi, and don’t worry about your babies. You did a great job raising them and now others can take care of the rest if they love them so much. Thanks for everything^^

  9. woah shit when i saw the post that GE good ending was dropped nearly gave me a heart attk but when i saw that red hawk was picking it up all g but still would of prefered that imanga still did it :( tnx for all the great chapter releases that you’ve done.

  10. Well, thanks for the hard work until now. It was a good run with you guys and I am looking for a good run with Red Hawk too. Cheers.

  11. Omg, that was unexpected! Too bad you guys are droping it, I loved your work on the series. But I think it’s for the best, so enjoy some free time now…
    See ya guys o/

  12. Thanks for all your hard work guys! Glad it’s being picked up by a good group, but I’ll be sad to see it gone. Still checking here for Baby Steps and a few other series, though.

  13. Will you have more time for P.K now? I’ve been waiting for half a year now :< Hope GE still releases in a steady rate too.

  14. Oh, I got so surprised when I saw this. How sad =/ Always when I think about GE I think about Imangascans. Thanks for all your hard work and for presenting us with GE all weeks. You`ve all done a very nice work!!


  15. It is a shame imangascans have dropped the Good Ending, you’ve done an excellent job up until now, I wouldn’t normally read a manga like GE but the quality of ims was such it ended up becoming one of the manga’s I look forward to weekly.

    I am grateful that its Red Hawk who have picked up the project, they are along with ims one of my favorite scanalation groups who bring to attention the Manga’s that normally don’t get the attention they should as they are not your typical battle manga’s.

    Thank you for all the hard work over the years…it really is a shame the series won’t be continued by yourselves but I am sure Red Hawk will do the series justice like IMS did.

  16. In the name of follower of IMS. It really glad that RHS has been taken of GE series. Both of you had shown us how awesome you are. As 2 Titans of scanlation team. Even if IMS didn’t continue on GE. Remaining projects still great. Last word from me. Good Luck. I’ll waiting for your new project. xD

  17. Sad news :( This is currently my favorite manga.

    Thanks for all 108 chapters, your quality will be missed.

  18. This is kinda good, in a way, because I follow a lot of Red Hawk Scans’ series already. Imangascans and Red Hawk Scans were the only two sites I bothered to visit before Mangaupdates (daily). Now that you’ve dropped the main series I follow you for, I’ll only need to follow you through Mangaupdates.

    Thanks for all the Good Ending, Imangascans.

    Good luck to Red Hawk Scans.

  19. LOL, NICE if RED HAWK take iT!
    because i watch all manga from red hawk :D
    beelzebub, twgok, KNIM, :D

  20. wow guys it’s a great shock to me
    but u guys has doing something great just keep your work on the other manga.

  21. Wow! I’ll miss the great work done on this series; thank you very much for all of your hard work Gachimaya (and everyone else who’ve been involved up to now)! Your work was always clean and well done; I hope redhawk can live up to your standards and give GE at least as much attention as they do for TWGOK (which seems to be their first love over there).

  22. Thank you all so much for an amazing job on this series, I am glad that it has been left in the capable hands of RHS

  23. TBH I’m glad you guys dropped it. The series was (IMO) going downhill slowly and people were giving you guys way too much grief than you deserve over it. You translate it for them for free and they still whine and bitch about you not releasing it on time! But you guys did a wonderful job and hopefully you will find something worth replacing it with.

  24. Thanks for all the hard work on the 108 chapter run you guys made it through, it’s very much appreciated. Couldn’t have picked a better replacement, cheers!

  25. hi! I really enjoyed G.E.. it gave me alot of realization, and I learned alot. thank you sooo much for the hardwork! without all of you, I couldn’t have read this life changing manga. :) its not just an ordinary manga… Thanks alot! hoping for the good health of all of you! ^_^

  26. Thanks for all the good moments that you have brought us with this scanlantion, your work is deeply appreciated =)

  27. Thank you for all your hard work on this series! It’s a shame you must let it go, but it had a good run and many memories. And thank you red hawk for picking it up quickly!

  28. YES! YES TIMES INFINITY WOOOOOT!!!!!! RED HAWK FTW!!! I’m still coming back for Kuroko no Basket though.

  29. Tnx for all the great quality work on GE. Goodluck and have a great rest from translating, tnx for everything you put into imangscans XD

  30. So, no more GE form now on it seems.. I look back and see lots of hard work and dedication in every GE chapter you guys released. I’m truly saddened because GE was one of your most popular releases, not to mention the quality of your work.
    Nevertheless, I would like to express my gratitude to you because your GE releases made me happy/rage/anxious and definitely entertained me :)
    Good luck Gachimaya!
    Good thing is, imangascans still releases awesome scanlations of other really interesting manga.

  31. At least it’s Red Hawk. I’m glad its fate is not the same as other dropped manga (either never picked back up, or picked up by Chinese translators).

  32. Thx a lot iMangaScans for the releases you’ve given us and releases you may give us.

    Gachimaya: We wish you all the best! :D :D :D

  33. that really caught me by surprise but I have to admit that the manga was really going down, is not what it used to be. Thanks for your hard work and we can only hope that some serious scans pick this manga, it would really suck if some shitty group take advantaje of this

  34. hate to see one of my favorite manga being drop. Now i am going to go in the corner and cry……Thanks for the hard work, wish you guys would continue it :(


    Why cant we have nice things?

    Loved your work with GE, keep the work with others projects as well.. You are my favorite manga source…

    Thanks for all!

  36. I’m incredibly saddened to hear this has happened, GE is one of my favorite manga’s due to its completely incomprehensible logic. Sorry that you couldn’t see if through to the end I wish you well in your future endeavors.

  37. damn, not too long ago there was a group that started to do GE!
    People were hatin them soo much, that they stopped right away.

    Now nobody does it, gg!

    1. The other groups translation was barely readable, it was disjointed and incoherent I hope they don’t pick it back up and if they do it’s with a different translator.

  38. NOOOO…..IMPOSSIBRU!!! well… that’s what my brain first said, so… i wish you all good luck then… bb Gachimaya…thank you for all the GE chapters, it’s my favourite manga ever…you’ll always be in my heart

  39. you will be missed Gachimaya, hope you enjoy the retirement! and thanks for all the release and help you have provided us.

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