The!! Beach Stars Chapter 12 – The End!

Well here it is, the last chapter of this manga. It kinda felt like a kamehameha game at the end when they called all their techniques one after the others lol. But here it is, with a bit of awkwardness at the end… But I love it that way nevertheless, anything else wouldn’t be considered good!

Enjoy this last chapter!

16 thoughts on “The!! Beach Stars Chapter 12 – The End!”

  1. Ah! never mind, Access-Manga messed up and forgot an entire chapter! I’m not sure what’s up with that… Maybe there’s a misnumbering or something.

  2. Didn’t this feel amazingly rushed? It went from 21-3 score on the first set to a single spike and they win 16-14 on the third set? I’m utterly confused.

  3. Thank you for completing this. It’s a shame the Mangaka doesn’t seem to have much going at the moment apart from a couple of semi-stalled series, as I loved the energy that came through from the artwork.

  4. Thanks so much for finishing this manga series. I am truly grateful. :D

    i look forward to your other scanlations

  5. Thanks :D!

    But, there’s a thing i never understand… This manga wasn’t popular? After all, on the previous magazine last around 43 chapters, i don’t remember, and now were only twelve :S

    i really like it, but i fell that was very short :(

    Greetings :D!

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