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  1. Thanks for the chapter. : )

    by the way, is it just me or the direct download link isn’t working?

  2. Hi there, so i know this has nothing to do with this specific release but is there any news regarding The Beach Stars final chapter? thanks in advance.

  3. Many thanks!
    It’s kind of sad for Yuuki, but I guess she chose it herself, after all, she kept insinuating that she didn’t care about Utsumi at all. And what the hell?! Last page surprised me, but knowing Utsumi, he’ll probably mess up really bad (like he’ll suddenly feel guilty and get out running like he always does :D )
    I look forward to next chapter, and happy holidays!

  4. thanks for the chapter, this is one of my favourite manga to read. Thanks again and happy holidays!

  5. Like whoa! I just commented on your update post a few minutes ago! XD

    Thanks for the new chapter! And again, good luck with whatever you guys have to do! :D

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