21 thoughts on “Good Ending Ch107”

  1. I like this couple Shou/Seiji. I think they are a good match and it would be a good ending if they finish together. There is something I don’t understand about the use of honorifics: why do they still use the honorifics now that they are dating? Shouldn’t they use their first name? And before that, why does Shou use Seiji’s last name (Utsumi kun) and Seiji, Shou’s first name (Shou sempai)? Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

  2. Wha! Izumi.. so cool!! No wonder he is so popular with the ladies. Although his appearance was somehow expected..
    I guess after that incident, Oonuma will finally give up on Utsumi and move on. Also, I like the fact that Utsumi told everyone about his relationship with Shou-senpai, at least he got the balls to finally say it. However, I think he just said it because he desperately wants attention from Yuuki, and since she will probably react like nothing happened, Utsumi will realize how worthless he has become and break up with Shou…
    I expect him to give up on love and finally focus on photography.. after all, we haven’t seen anything from the photography school and the weird girl who looks like Shou-senpai..
    Thanks fro the release! Awesome quality..:)

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