Good Ending Christmas Side Story

Hello there~~! Here’s the Good Ending Christmas Side Story, I know I promised it would be done last week, and there are no excuses, sorry :3 About Good Ending 107, it will be done tomorrow, I’m too tired to do it today >_< sorry again

13 thoughts on “Good Ending Christmas Side Story”

  1. This was a fun chapter. :D Such vivid imagination… The ending was funny. Thanks for the release.

  2. Oh my goshness…. Those two are such a kinky pair with wild imagination hahahaha…. Which was best…. Oonuma and her… cakes were tempting but Yuki on that dress was just too sexy to ignore… Thanks for the chapter… btw… being a while since I thaanked the last time! Thanks!

  3. Thank you Rainrir (OneManga Forums) for the raw used in this scanlation, and thank you Imangascans for the translation.

  4. Don’t be Sorry!

    Thank you for all your great job!
    We can wait for you, we are not in a hurry and no one will die if there is some time to wait!

    Thank you very much again!

    PS: Sorry for my English….

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