Itsuka Tenma ch16

itsuka tenma 16 creditIf its too good to be true, then it probably is. BUT not in this case – another chapter of itsuka is here
One more chapter left in the volume and then we will try to do volume 4 (would be nice to have some fresh help) because it’s supposed to get epic later on according to the light novel ;) so we can’t be missing out on that.

5 thoughts on “Itsuka Tenma ch16”


    It seems that another scans is taking another project from another scans….

    They are just a newly established scans I don’t know if they are going to take GE alsoe but

    just saying it here before being surprised that another scans took a project of yours…

    I got a big respect for the scans… they don’t care if the other scans has it… they will just take it and

    just release it…well just saying it Good Evening

  2. Thanks a ton for the second Itsuka release in row, I thought earlier that you were trolling when I saw the release on mangaupdates and didn’t find the link here.

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