31 thoughts on “Good Ending Ch97”

  1. i cant wait for GE 99 i glimpsed through the raw of GE 98 and now i cant wait till next week for GE 99 :D

  2. Wow I started reading GE 4 months ago, 20 minutes ago I caught up to the current chapter, I keep seeing the credit page And I was expecting to see a different scanalator doing the project after ch 40 or something assuming that you guys were gonna drop it, but no, you’ve been doing this since ch 1, as a cleaner I understand how much effort is put on a scan, so I really really but really appreciate you guys for doing this, please keep up the good work!

  3. When you guys are late on release, I go Hulk-rage mode: “ZOMG WHEAR IS ME GE”
    When you publish a chapter, I love you and want to hug every human on the job.

    A lovely schizophrenic, ain’t I?…

  4. why all of the sudden? well, anyway, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!! :) I can’t wait for the next chapter. They say it’s quite interesting the next one, :) :>

  5. We do understand. I wouldn’t say “in the way” though, your real life is always more important. The fact that you are doing this project is enough. release date doesn’t matter, for me.
    We appreciate everything you do. Thanks for your hard work.

    Thanks for the latest update!.

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