Good Ending Chapter 96

Yeah yeah, I know that we’re late, but we don’t care. We aren’t employees, some of us have issues in life, so deal with it. I dislike it when you people, yes you people! complain about GE being held back, or being low priority. Again, we don’t care. IT’S ALL UNTRUE ANYWAY. We tried to be as quick as possible, so don’t dare to treat us like pieces of trash who are supposed to work on GE first, and then have a real life second. So F*CK YOU! DON’T YOU DARE ASK US WHERE CH. 97 IS. IT WILL BE COMING THIS WEEKEND (Sat or Sun). I hope y’all enjoy this.

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  1. Ok guys, don’t get mad, it’s true that GE have not got a release, since a week or more, but Hey life isn’t over, don’t we remeber that thanks do those guys, we can read GE and I really love and I want to reach the end but, even those scan traductors have their life, so instead of yelling at you and treat you like trash, I say “A Big THANKS ^_^”

  2. LOL is this posted by a 10 year old or something?
    first get the sand out of your vagina and relax; then, instead of going crazy insulting everyone, think of a solution to keep the people quiet from asking “when are you going to upload the chapter” and stuff. Why don’t just put the message in the frontpage “the chapter will be delayed for **** reason” period.
    Or you could just simply ignore them

  3. You guys are mean T.T … Torturing my addiction by releasing a manga weeks after the raw came out … You guys are like the cigarrette companies having a monopoly on such a great manga xD, hey you guys should probably make this certain manga a premium, i wouldn’t mind paying, and i think same goes to the patient ones out there … Keep up the great work guys!!

    *edit by archknight
    :I like to troll

  4. Ignore the whiners and trolls and ingrates, the fools, feckless and schmucks. Laugh at the moronic preadolescents and acne-ridden schlubs who complain. You are doing a great good, a public service, for many grateful readers. The rest are witless despoilers of air, wasters of bandwidth, walking pieces of filth.

  5. learn some class ims and all the dickriders out there

    keep shitting on your fans and another group will steal this project.

    stay classy.

  6. @RDR

    Please stop with the illusions, you are the ones who are reading their stuff, not the other way around. You are the ones being dependent on them, not them being dependent on you reading their stuff or not.

    PS: Are all readers as stupid as you? Please, I hope you aren’t. Otherwise I just spent 10 years of editing for a bunch of assholes. Wait, I refuse to believe that I just remembered all the thanks on my place so maybe it’s just this place that get people like you. I pity this group…

    Oh and thanks for all the work you’ve done IMS, I enjoyed nearly all of your stuff. It is a pleasure to read the new titles you present to us (which none of the 98% of the readers can read if they didn’t have scanlations done by scanlations group for them.)

  7. I dont know if I really need to show you examples…but if you just take a look at our shoutbox from time to time…there are alot of QQ for late release and whining and trolling going on in there

    also what are these “reader” gonna do? stop reading this series? alot of “reader” come and goes so it doesnt change that much…but staff getting tired of this shit would really cause more problem than lack of reader does

  8. @archknight well then show us some examples of complaints that upset you so that we know what your talking about instead of just ranting at all of your readers like this. it shows very bad character and i agree with others you shouldnt take your readers for granted.

  9. GE really starting to get boring. You guys should drop it for something with an actual plot or direction. Typical GE arc: Utsumi meets girl. Utsumi falls head over heels in love with girl. Utsumi fucks up in some stupid way. Utsumi gets depressed. Girl and Utsumi make up. Utsumi fucks up again. Rinse and repeat. Been that way for about 50 chapters now hasn’t it?

  10. Thx again for this nice job. I’m really grateful for your work. Keep on smiling and translate *whipwhip* ;)

  11. “And the funny thing is, nobody was complaining about Ge being late this week. Stop taking your frustration out on us.”

    you ignorant piece of shit don’t know fuck about what goes on here and you think that nobody was complaining? it comments like yours that pretend it didn’t even happen in the first place
    and make the whole entire process repeat itself

  12. And the funny thing is, nobody was complaining about Ge being late this week. Stop taking your frustration out on us.

  13. .. thx guys for release… just calm down.. and ignore all the people just can’t wait…. not nondepreciating you work guy’s… but keep it up… love yah guys… XD

  14. U mad bro? Calm down over it, and just do what you want. Only listen to the people that are appreciating the fact that GE is even being translated for our FREE viewing/reading pleasure. Keep it real, but not so far.

  15. Thanks for the chapter. :) It seems like every time I start to wonder “Where is GE?” it is on your site the same day. :) Thank you for sticking with this series and providing us fans with great entertainment. You guys are awesome. If I could land a job I’d be donating every single week. Can’t say enough how much IMS is appreciated.

  16. @ everybody, just be happy IMS releases Kuroko no Basket and GE regularily.. They have been ignoring most other projects without fail, beach stars.. Machigatta among others, either drop some projects or keep shit balanced, not this fail.

  17. Thanks for the latest release.
    Many people don’t really understand that there is what you call “real life”. They just want to satisfy their own desires and not considering the group. oh well.

    Thanks again. better than nothing right?

  18. I thought this day will never come, but this is the best birthday present that I could ever desired for. THANK YOU!

  19. what really amaze me is that kajii can tolerate online readers but not these leechers that come here… really really…amazed

    @john only leechers who think the world is set out to what they believe it as. So sometimes we like to slap them with a bit of reality from time to time.

  20. Thanks guys! You always do a great job on these. Remember, for every person that complains, or whines about you being behind or anything like that, there are also a ton of people who appreciate that you’re doing this for us. So take your time and release when you need to.

  21. People who whine over delays should be the ones doing the scanlating since it seems they have all the time to b*tch and whine anyways. Or if you want these *awesome* guys at your beck and call, I suggest you give them the proper salary to provide you the service you oh so demand.

    Damn ingrates.

    Anyways, thanks for the new chapter guys! Know that you have true fans who respect your real lives and can patiently wait for your releases. Your hard work is always appreciated. :D

  22. thanks for the chapter and dont mind those who cant wait, people dont evolved from whining but in adapting.

  23. Thanks a lot for the release. Take your time. In my round of websites i always stop by imanga to see if anything new as come up. If so, great, if not, people have to live.

    Patience is a virtue :)

  24. Hi Team, real life can suck at times! Thanks for the release,and remember for every idiot that complains there are probably 20 or 30 fans who are waiting patiently and are very appreciative.

  25. I’m posting here for the first time just to let you know that for every nagging complainer on this site there is also a reader, such as myself, who patiently waits for your work. Thanks again.

  26. Well…
    Thank you very much – it really was a pleasure to read.
    Just release as you have the time to – I don’t care as long as there is still a new chapter every now and then.

  27. thanks for the release! just ignore the people that complain :] they have no patience and appreciation for the hard work you guys do

  28. Just wanted to let you know, some of use completely understand your circumstances. You provide a free, time-consuming service for us, and even if i can only speak for myself, i thoroughly appreciate it. Take your time in releases, and thank you for your continued hard work =). Much love to the whole staff of imangascans, and any affiliates you may have for your various projects

  29. @Kurosabe, who care, do we often late? no, its unexpected something happened in real life. there is nothing with my attitude, like you and them like push the button. you seem not allow us can be late for once

    @John: we actually plans but we were burned out and school in the way. i knows we promised but fail. and really you dont know what going on with nocontrol, so i dont care what you think.

  30. Whoa, you’re quite nervous, aren’t you? I see you guys not only don’t keep your words (’cause you DID switched to Metal Heart, after a long Player Kill period, haven’t you? Ops, maybe not) and the quality of your scan is hardly above average, what’s more, you show a really bad attitude… But, it’s right, this time you didn’t have any other member to blame for being late (like n0controls the last time, easy to blame an idiot for anything, uh? Or maybe the bosses should keep controlling the underling?Nah, that’s too difficult, right? How pitiful), so you start attacking the leechers first. Well done, really.

  31. Boo hoo if people are complaining about release time. Man up and ignore that and keep doing GE like you always do or leave it to another group who can release it in a more timely fashion… oh wait, I forgot you forbid any other group from touching this manga. God forbid they release it on time!

    A-Team acted like spoiled brats over The Breaker:New Waves, then Mangacurse stepped in to save the day. Expect the same to happen to GE if you maintain your wishy washy attitude.

  32. thank you! just give a shit about all these annoying people. i know you are doing this for us and for FREE, so no one has the right to tell you guy what to do.
    i at least love you for doing this :)

  33. Thanks for the release!

    Don’t mind the leechers comments, we know that you all do your best effort every week to try and release as quickly as your agendas allow it.

  34. erm dont care abt the ppl who said those mean stuff. thx for this! been looking forward to it. fighting!

  35. Much respect to the imangascans team. These guys aren’t slaves you know, don’t take them for granted.

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