11 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket Ch100”


    I really like this manga, I am grateful to you guys, to take your time in traslating, scanning, editing, etc ^^


    And…Cant wait to see Seirin to take down that asshole team.

  2. Number 100 congrtz this is only the third series that I have followed for the full 100 besides hajimete no aku and onidere (that means from chap #1, I read wayy more than that) here’s to hundred more! (ughh is what your thinking, but maybe not since you guys enjoy the stuff you TL)
    But congratz anyways!

  3. ah your welcome :). really, we dont expect we make reach over 40’s chapters such short time, really we cant do quickly done without ruggia, razael and kundumstaf, they are awesome to support and help to quickly release this series :> also thank you for donation. We really appreciate, with that we able to buy the latest volume tankobon.

  4. Congratulations~!

    (Aahh… I have a tendency to go on and on and on, so if you dislike rambling, long-story-short is that I love this group and thank you so much for consistently scanlating this one relatively unpopular and unknown sports manga)

    … I’ve always been a lurker of your scans, but since you’ve reached the 100th chapter, um, I wanted to say “Thank You~!” for giving me something to look forward to every single day of the summer. I would have been perfectly satisfied with an update every week, but clearly, you guys manage to go above and beyond silly little things like “expectations”. Of course the scans are always terribly professional and I love these little nuances that you give the characters (I’m a fanfic writer, so it’s always so easier to characterize the characters when they don’t lose their personality in the midst of a translation~) like “It’s for victory. If it’s for that, I’ll say it again and again” (Q87) and “It isn’t that he wants to lose, but he takes victory as preordained” (Q80).

    To have such speedy and high-quality scans (for, what, three~four months?) is amazing and you have no idea how spoiled I feel whenever I see the (pretty much) daily update of KuroBasu on tenmanga. So… um, I figured that the best way to say “thanks” would be with a donation, so I’ve made that. But if there’s something else you guys would like to see (uhhh… more gushy stuff about how awesome you are, fanfic , or even fanart [well, I can’t draw, but I can totally get other people to!]), please don’t hesitate to ask! It’s mainly because of your scanlations that I have other fans to chat/rant/rave to about this series so I’m really very grateful.


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