Good Ending 94

Here’s a new chapter of GE! Sorry, there is no double release. You can blame hurrican Irene, some of our staff still don’t have electricity. So just bear with us untill power is returned and we will do it as soon as possible. Anyway, for now enjoy!

25 thoughts on “Good Ending 94”

  1. I agree with you, Hitokiri. He deserves someone who loves him properly. Yuki is sh*t after sh*t, too much trouble….

  2. Are you going to release the new chapter/s once you recovered? Is there a possibility that this coming week you can have a double release? :) Just Asking. Sorry for asking too many questions :))

  3. Thank you for your Hard Work even though You’re struggling or sometimes having a hard time, you can still make the best work. :)) GREAT JOB!! :) I can’t wait for the chapter 95, I don’t mind the delay but I hope you guys are all right. :) TAKE CARE! :)

  4. I like how the author worked Shou back into the story, but didn’t Shou already graduate… ?_?

    Thanks for the release!

  5. Thx for the release
    Just play “We are Electric by Flying Step” if your looking for electric :D

  6. I say dump the bitch and go for the sempai!!!!!! why the man has to fold ALWAYS!!!????
    let’s have some fantasy! have the man get a nice not retarded girl!

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