Good Ending Ch93

Speical Thanks to FunnyBunnyLogic for redrawing the awesome color page!

Congratulation to Sasuga Kei(GE’s mangaka) for her 2nd year of work on this and we look forward to another year of her work. Thank you for doing this manga.

Wise men said, late is better than nothing, right? :) so i would like to announce that we will be unable to release GE 94(this week) because our beloved translator Gachimaya is on vacation, she won’t come back until Aug 29. So have no fear, we will release Chapter 94-95 together after the 31th. Please don’t start whining and bitching if there’s no GE this week, I already told y’all!

PS: whoever wants Color page without text so here:

28 thoughts on “Good Ending Ch93”

  1. Thank you very much for the hard work, I hope you don’t drop this series, I will always be waiting for the next chapter of this super ultra great delicious wonderful manga!

  2. I don’t care about the delay guys, be it a week or a month, I just love you for scanlating GE!!
    Keep up the good work and thanks a bunch!

  3. Thanks for the release.
    they’re right, don’t worry about the delays. You said it yourselves, its better than nothing.

    “She won’t come back”, GE’s translator is a she. I am not surprised though. : )

  4. Moved nearly to tears… it’s always difficult to let go of something you cherish.

    Thanks for the work.

  5. Oh, I could read it *o*
    Thank you again, after reading this chapter, my day got better ~ Really *-*

  6. wow, what an amazing chapter! Love the way Kei let the emotions shine though the facial expressions. LOVE her artstyle and the quality (over quantity FTW) u guys provide is the best!
    i’ll gladly wait some extra weeks for this quality<3

    btw could u guys who read japanese provide the link where we can send our regards to Sasaga Kei like u did last year? :D

  7. Yes!!! this is what i’ve been waiting for!! :)…. oh no :( TWO WHOLE WEEKS! (rolling on the floor crying)…. (gets up) “Ahem I can do that!”

  8. That was an beautiful chapter…..really loved it! And the quality of the scanlation was great, it seemed like official stuff, great job! =D

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