Caterpillar Operetta – the final act

We, at imangascans present you guys with the final chapter of Caterpillar Operetta!!! It has been a year and a half since we picked up this series, and it only 10 chapters….Nevertheless we were able to finish another project, rather than leaving it in limbo. Really have to thank all the staff who kept this project ongoing till now(some important people to thank: kajii, kurokami[really the one who got the series started], gachimaya, prozess, and all the other). Remember that it not everyday that a projects reachcompletions.

some scanlation news:
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congratulation on surviving another year

12 thoughts on “Caterpillar Operetta – the final act”

  1. not unusual for me to have horrible english when i make a release post because it normally done in a hurry. and I usually just write the first things that come to mind. As for the manga, great that you catch some mistakes. But what can you expect from people who do stuff like these when their bored.

  2. Editors, you have quite a number of spelling and grammatical errors, you might want to check. For example, page 39 of chapter 11. I can’t remember the rest though.. try rereading it.


  3. Pro, you only say that because the loli came too soon into the manga. :p

    Thanks for finishing it…though I kinda stopped when the loli came into the manga. Should continue it to the end I guess….who can say no to boobs. You say he does hentai…give us some titles :D~

  4. Thanks to everyone involved with bringing this series to us – I enjoyed it and look forward to what you guys might have coming up for us!

  5. Now Namonashi can stop blueballing us and go back to drawing hentai comics of girls being inflated with tentacles.

  6. The series clearly showed some potential at the beginning and plumped in the latter half T_T
    Anyways good to see it finished. GJ

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