NEW SERIES – Diamond no Ace Ch51

Here’s a new series for you all to enjoy, after this chapter we’ll do ch53 since ch52 has already been released. All this is possible thanks to LittleJay who’s translating it!

The reader should be up a bit later, since a certain someone didn’t set the permissions properly!

Enjoy this new series/chapter!

certain someone: whoops.

Edit: If you ask yourself where are chapter 41-50, =[/URL], that is why we won’t do them, but these chapters don’t appear on mangaupdates.

14 thoughts on “NEW SERIES – Diamond no Ace Ch51”

  1. good luck for upcoming chapters guys. really stoked with this manga series. keep it up guys! :)

  2. So glad you’re picking this up – I’ve been hoping for more chapters. It’s a really good series. Thanks!

  3. maybe in future we may will do previous chapters but right now we are move forward..

    and its dont mean we support mangafox.. we cant do anything, we are powerless to stop mangafox. its only way to stop mangafox is stop do scanlating, i believe which you guys dont wants us doing that

  4. That’s the only place you can get them at the moment and we have no plan on doing them, since they are already done. As for mangafox, if he became a millionaire, good for him.

  5. Oh, please can someone provide another way to get chapter 40-50, this for the simple reason that I rather hate mangafox, the site owner doesn’t even lift a finger, everything is added by other people, yet the owner did already become a millionaire with the hard work of every scanlation group.

    I can’t believe, imanga even support this….

  6. I hadn’t realized other chapter were out. Thank you. Thank you so much! You guys totally rock! You’ve so made my day.

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