16 thoughts on “Welcome to the El-Palacio Ch17”

  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    I have a question: What’s the name of the font that’s mostly used in the speech bubbles on page 23? (I don’t mean Wild Words)

    I’ve googled for a while, but couldn’t find it.

    Thank you.

  2. @Christophe

    Read your post. Awesome shit man.

    Imma check more on that later O.o

    So that’s what NHK was trying to tell us, huh? XP

  3. Thanks for the scanlation!

    On a more serious side, I hope y’all will check out the following:


    I had some serious censorship misadventures at mangaupdates.com – just a little bit more confirmation that we now live in a totally fascist world, but knowledge is power so I encourage you to check it out!



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