caterpillar 8

*i know it just a clean picture

whoo finally a release of caterpillar…people have lives and stuff so yah…
but thank kajii for always being reliable and quick with the qc…and also
i am a bad person =]

this may take 2 mins of your time to read but it interesting:

7 thoughts on “caterpillar 8”

  1. thanks for the 2 min read. well i dont use online reader :D i read all my mangas by downloading XD

    all i have to say that guy is a douche (mangafox).

    btw thanks for the chapter.

  2. wrote:

    Thanks for that 2 minute read. I never used mangafox and now I never will.

    not saying people shouldnt =O

    i am sure the people that get their manga here would read the manga from here rather than mangafox or most other online reader since we dont compress our image to save space -_-

    and it true that online reader do make it easier to find older series…they have their uses too just not good for new releases and stuff like that

  3. um there is nothing wrong.. it is preloading.. if u have slow speed, so i suggest scrolling down, u can see disable preload.. maybe it would helps

  4. Something’s wrong with the online reader… It’s just the same page over and over again.

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