Good Ending 91

Well, since Lestat is currently enjoying his vacati…erm…recovering, and Kajii is too filled with rage, I will make this release. It’s the long-awaited chapter of GE. That’s not the important thing here though – the important thing is that this is my 1st release (I was in the shadows until now) and that’s what you have to be happy about :P
Enjoy the new chapter you mangy leechers :D

19 thoughts on “Good Ending 91”

  1. NOOOO!!!! >:3 we must comment on SoulsnPirates! Or scans, I forget but we cant comment here remember?!

  2. thank you for the chapter!!!

    I wonder if in the end it will be Shou who will be the last girl, or if she will be the one who’ll get things good between Utsumi and Yuki again.

  3. Thanks for the release :) You guys are great. Page 18 made me actually laugh out loud. :) Great chapter.

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