Kuroko no Basket Ch83

AWESOME chapter of kuroko no basket, shame that we have to put an halt on most of our series until Monday, mainly cause I’m getting a surgery tomorrow.

Enjoy this new awesome chapter!

Kajii edit: fix double page. so i suggest you re-download :> enjoy

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  1. Thanks for the chap, chaps. @Lestat
    I hope your surgery isn’t serious, but good luck either way.

  2. thx for the chapter lestast! Hope everything turns out good with ur surgery! Recover soon bro!

  3. I really aprecciate all the hard work!! :D! i wish you a speedy and full recovery. Health is always more important than one or two chapters of a manga.

  4. Thanks for the realse. Lestat, good luck with the surgery hope everything goes smoothly and i wish you a speedy recovery! :D

  5. THANKSSS!!! Kagami was both cool and idiot in this chapter XD

    Good luck in your surgery, and get well soon!

  6. Oh, good luck man! And the chapter is awesome indeed. One of my favourites so far. Thanks for the hard work!

  7. Thanks for the release. @ LordLestat; Good luck with your surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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