Good Ending Ch90

Here’s another chapter of GE. We offer no apologies for the delay, since it was due to a Japanese holiday (Umi no Hi). Now,Dont forget discussions of GE on the following link SoulsnPirates instead of using the comment box or shoutbox, Thank you :) and Enjoy!

Ps: We don’t use any public raws except for rena chan’s raws. You can check if it’s out:!/eternal_rena

11 thoughts on “Good Ending Ch90”

  1. “Why are you on your hands and knees grovelling like some kind of an idiot!!?”

    “Actually, that’s just because you hit him…”

    Best part of this chapter. XD

    Awesome job as always. Keep up the good work.

  2. wow, release after 16hs, I’m impressed!
    Thanks for releasing GE folks! You Quality is top notch as always<3

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