7 thoughts on “Bowling King Ch171”

  1. @blazer : every time the bk has a cover with someone famous and we are supposed to guess who he/she is
    And Welcome Arcenciel !!!
    [FONT=comic sans ms][/FONT]

  2. thx arcenciel! bk is one of my favorite series and i’m so thrilled you guys picked it up after null dropped

  3. I had to do a double take, when I first saw the image I was like is that Bruce Willis? Took a longer look at the image and just had to read the comments, and sure enough I was right.

  4. Now its Bruce Willis. :D
    Cmon, others should try and guess who is on the pic aswell. No fun doing it myself :D

    Edit: lols, beaten by Fandom while typing this :D

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