Kuroko no Basket Ch80

Hello everyone, this should have been released yesterday, but I was busy watching White Collar this time around. Anyway, this is turning into Eyeshield 21 lol…

As for GE, we aren’t delaying it or anything of the sorts, the High Quality raws we normally use aren’t out yet because of a holiday and we don’t want to use the bad quality one.

As for Kuroko no Basket itself, we won’t release another chapter until next Monday, till then we’ll have different things to release.

Enjoy this new chapter!

7 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket Ch80”

    I will miss my daily release of Kuroko basket, but if for another projects is all right ^^
    Thanks again~

  2. Thanks a bunch!

    This is becoming another Eyeshield 21? No way in hell that’s a bad thing. Hiruma was the fucking shit.

  3. Waiting for better raws when some are already out is usually what one calls delaying…
    But I don’t mind.
    Hang in there~

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