9 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket Ch72”

  1. Indeed I was only interested in the penultimate page, not the entire raw. However I solved my problems by myself, thanks for the availability.

    Only one thing. Yes I’m an italian scanlator, but not for the team you think, we don’t deal with Kuroko :)

  2. hi Oberon, i dont wants to be anal, be honest i never use our raw as public because i wants everyone buy raw to support mangaka. i think i do know you, are u from Italy scanlation group? we can discuss hit me irc or pm me at mangahelper “Kajii”

    PS: maybe you didnt know, that Vic still scanning kuroko in magazine, but we use tankobon

  3. Thanks very much, awesome chapter!

    @Staff: Someone of the scan-team still has the raw of this chapter?
    If the answer is yes, you could pass it to me gently? Please…

  4. Thank you for the release! It’s nice to see a bunch of chapters at the same time! *getting excited*

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