Good Ending Ch88

Here’s the new chapter of GE. First I would like to say thank you to S2scan on their decision to stop doing GE and letting us do it. I would like if you guys and gals could have your discussions of GE on the following link SoulsnPirates instead of using the comment box or shoutbox, Thank you :) and Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Good Ending Ch88”

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  2. thx for the quick chapter as always ^^
    Awesome cleaning as well (i can’t even see where Yukis Name has been on Page 8 (7 without your thanx page))
    Ucchi is a mess, Yuki starts to realize that she f***** up big time, Izumi seems to get a hold on the picture and Mei is consoling an one hour acquaintance. Nice ^^ I’m waiting for a return of the “brutal” cousin, to hit some sense into Ucchi … until he realizes that Yuki is at fault ^^

  3. I’ll never understand why so many people flip out when they read this. Have you never read/watched a drama? GE – Good Ending is a harem drama. What were you expecting? If there is no drama it ends a lot faster. Dramas are notorious for lasting a long time. Do you want them to reach their “good ending” and then just end at an early chapter or before their time (like Change 123)? If you don’t like the series, don’t read it, but this series will always have support from the people who still like it.

  4. why the story like this??i want to kill the author cause i’m so mad “why this couple break up…”,i don’t waiting for they to have sex..but i want to see the good ending frome them…author plzz make them be a couple again..don’t pair this seiji with another chick…

  5. YEEEEEY! does that mean s2scans is also a part of the GE Team? or will be working with you. if that so, well, Congrats! :) the more people working on GE means that The faster it will be updated. YEY! :) I like this chapter, can’t wait for the next. and Thank you for your Hardwork! :) :> you’re all doing great. MORE POWER! :D

  6. Dunno what you think guys but I think that this chapter is pretty good and nothing to be mad or feel rage about, Seiji and Yuki maybe break up but just to get things more interesting because in the end we all know the two on them will end up together so just enjoy the madness while it reaches the end.

  7. Great translation as always, but is it alright to start calling this Good Raging?

  8. wrote:

    Oh man, its gonna be so easy for that chick to bang him right now. Make it happen Senji, nothing better then break up sex.

    This chapter is good, but it makes me feel like crap. Thank god for you guys and your comments. +1

  9. Thanks for the new chapter. Can’t wait for the next one. Please keep up the awesome work.

  10. I really hope he just has sex with her before they find him … i hope they don’t fine him before he has sex with her whichever one works

  11. Oh man, its gonna be so easy for that chick to bang him right now. Make it happen Senji, nothing better then break up sex.

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