GE -Good Ending- Ch84

Yes, you aren’t dreaming, it’s another chapter of GE! Like we told you, now that the slowing down is over, we give you chapters! God that’s some horrible english, anyway! I won’t make a long ass speech. Here.

Enjoy this new chapter!

18 thoughts on “GE -Good Ending- Ch84”

  1. wrote:

    you misspelled kunoichi

    LOL…wow. Missed that in tl, proofreading, and QC. Thanks – I’m sure someone at some point will get around to fixing it.

  2. archknight wrote:


    Too bad cant download. Seems Malaysian isps has blocked megaupload, depositfiles. :(

    sorry about your problem but you can always download the file on IRC too, if you go to the #imangascan channel you just have to type !ge84 and it starts sending you the file(assuming you have your irc set up)

    archknight : Thanks. Almost forgot about irc.

    Georgi : Thanks man. Hope it wont be long.

  3. possible to have the file on mediafire or other upload side?from malaysia too >.<

  4. And thanks for the chapter ims! :3
    u guys are Kakkoiiiii (assuming it means awesome)

  5. LOL, This Chapter was like awesomeeeee, she was literally giving him a handjob! xD
    She is such a cutie :3

  6. Yes, sorry, swahab. You could try doing what archknight suggested, or you could read it online on our reader. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully it won’t be for much longer.

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