Welcome to the El-Palacio Ch08

ZOMG, you didn’t wait 4-5 months to get this chapter! It’s a M-I-R-A-C-L-E lol. Well there should be more on the way, not in a month, sooner than that. Anyway, that’s that!

Enjoy this new chapter

Kajii Edit: look alike lordlestat forget add Volume 2 cover T_T so here:


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  1. @ Nas
    You are free to use our releases, aslong as you properly credit us.
    For more info it’s better to drop by on irc and talk with admins :)

  2. Hello !!!!
    I am Nas, the boss of a new french scanlating team who would like to make her debuts: La Confr

  3. Thanks ! I just discovered this manga and I like it very much x)
    (but, it make me thought about love hina, in better…)

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