Good Ending Ch83

Yeah Yeah, I know it’s Good Ending 83, I’m asking you TO NOT SPAM THE SHOUTBOX scumbags still not following what I’m asking. Let me tell you why GE is taking forever before u decide to blame Imangascans, because it’s not our fault (well the group), it’s all nocontrol fault because he never info us/pass the work. So I decided that it’s time to announce that we are recruiting a new leader for the project GE because nocontrol no longer works on GE(yes, I’m dead serious): requirements are: to have experience cleaning, typesetting and someone who wants and can manage the GE project. We, a.k.a Lordlestat and I, don’t want to work on it on long term, we are just doing it temporarily until we find someone. If you don’t want more waiting time, please apply on the forum or contact us on irc.

Edit: Typesetting isn’t a necessity. As long as you can clean/redraw/burn, it’s fine.

13 thoughts on “Good Ending Ch83”

  1. Thank you for reply Kaiji. I will apply when i start school again in august, cuz then i will hopefully have Photoshop again.

    P.S. I followed this guide: as a starters and cleaned a couple of other pages as well. Pretty decent guide acctualy:)

  2. @xiao shan, you deal with wrong person.. noco hardly deal with recruit.. so try contact me or archknight which mostly we will taken care of it

  3. Than you so much for the chapter Kaiji!
    Good luck finding a cleaner for GE, beacuse it needs all the love it can get!

    BTW I tryed MANY MANY times to get n0c0 to review my cleanings in order to join IMS, but sadly i never got a reply.
    Even after i chated with him at IRL.. Linuxnofair liked them though, so I might apply again when i have got Photoshop again, cuz ATM i haven’t..

    Thanks for temp. doing GE!

  4. Many thanks for the release. I wish I could clean or something, but I don’t have the necessary software (I think). I suppose in a way that’s also a pathetic excuse for someone who’s unable to learn. At any rate, I hope you find someone soon. Best of luck.

    Oh and this new girl… seems like a temporarily fill in for the void that Shou left after graduating (has she already graduated?? I think so, but I’m not sure…). This chapter leaves us on a cliffhanger for sure. Still, I can’t help but feel it’s obvious tension that will be harmlessly cleared away in the next chapter. A night of praises and painting-lugging does not a relationship make.

  5. Thanks guys been waiting for this. Seiji got no balls so nothings gonna happen.

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