Good Ending Ch83

Yeah Yeah, I know it’s Good Ending 83, I’m asking you TO NOT SPAM THE SHOUTBOX scumbags still not following what I’m asking. Let me tell you why GE is taking forever before u decide to blame Imangascans, because it’s not our fault (well the group), it’s all nocontrol fault because he never info us/pass the work. So I decided that it’s time to announce that we are recruiting a new leader for the project GE because nocontrol no longer works on GE(yes, I’m dead serious): requirements are: to have experience cleaning, typesetting and someone who wants and can manage the GE project. We, a.k.a Lordlestat and I, don’t want to work on it on long term, we are just doing it temporarily until we find someone. If you don’t want more waiting time, please apply on the forum or contact us on irc.

Edit: Typesetting isn’t a necessity. As long as you can clean/redraw/burn, it’s fine.