Kitsune no Yomeri Ch10

Hello everyone, so here’s for your pleasure chapter 10 of Kitsune no Yoimeiri!

Here’s an important message: DO NOT donate on the website, the paypal account that is apparently ours isn’t. Only donate on our website if you want to help us.

With that being said, enjoy this new chapter!

3 thoughts on “Kitsune no Yomeri Ch10”

  1. Whatever we say at this point will sound hypocritical. It has been our goal to provide our fans with the best services possible, without resorting to advertisement of any kind, yet we stooped so low as to use Depositfiles. It is a shame.

    As shameful as it is, I would like to give my sincere thanks to everybody who rose up to support us. You guys have been phenomenal! What we thought might take months has now been reduced to weeks. We have already covered our costs for the server and are on our way to covering some of our additional expenses. I would like to extend my apologies to all of you and ask you to bear with us until this ordeal is done. Hopefully well be able to make it up to you in the months to come.

  2. I have to agree with Geese1.
    Getting a payout from Depositfiles (no matter how small) destroys the excuse scanlation had that it was just about sharing.
    Donations were one thing, but getting paid for ‘x’ number of downloads of someone else’s copywritten work is a bad idea. Besides Depositfiles is erratic and arbitrary and gives a bad experience to your leachers.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter!

    I’m also kind of saddened that you guys switched to using Depositfiles as your file host as they are kind of a pain to use, but since I can still get the releases off IRC it’s not all bad.

    Thanks again.

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