Itsuka Tenma Ch08

Hello everyone, so another series that hasn’t been released in a while, Itsuka Tenma. Now as you may notice on the news image and the image in the chapter, we are in a dire need of Japanese translators. We used the last script we had of Itsuka and as a matter of fact, the last raws we had of it to. So at the moment, we are out of everything for it. We wishes to continue giving you releases, but for that, we need your help and if you can’t offer it, even the smallest donation helps. So feel free to help.

Now after all this, enjoy this new chapter!

5 thoughts on “Itsuka Tenma Ch08”

  1. I would help if i could, but i’m still learning Japanese.
    Also thanks for the release, i guess maybe i should pick this manga up lol..

  2. Thanks for the release, and good luck with getting a translator! As for the raws is there any way you can order them from abroad and scan them? If you need a donation feel free to ask!

  3. this is amazing!!sorry but I can’t help you!!!however i’ll surely cheer for you…

  4. Huh, thanks a lot, I yelled when I saw it. Really, not only I love it but since I also translate it in French, I would be desesperate if you were to drop it. Well, somehow I hope you will manage it.

    Thanks for the eighth chapter !

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