Caterpillar Operetta Ch05

I shall use the staff of resurrection and bring back to life another dead series! Here it is, I’ve brought back from the depths of hell Caterpillar Operetta!

Thou shall enjoy it!

P.S: We are in need of a valiant knight aka translator for this magnificent series, please contact us on either the forum or on irc! Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Caterpillar Operetta Ch05”

  1. Only one more volume until this series is complete, you guys need more series under the completed section anyway.

  2. fuck yeah. loving your whole recent resurrection thing, seriously. mahou no iroha, caterpillar operetta, light novel no tsukurikata, other things I’m surely forgetting. more shinwa ponchi in the works?

  3. Thanks for the release – hope you’re able to find a permanent translator for it!

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