Fantasista Chapter 102

Here it is after a while, you were wondering where it was, here it is! Fantasista Chapter 102!

Enjoy this new chapter!

P.S: Don’t ask me what a shmeputation is lol!

P.S.S: Soon we’ll make a poll, please make sure to vote!

9 thoughts on “Fantasista Chapter 102”

  1. Dear everyone in the team,

    Thank you very much for your superb work!

    I’m so sorry for not letting ya know last time about that chapter: c101’s wonderful quality.
    Still, I truly appreciate all of your effort very much. *hugs*

    Have a happy week!

  2. I checked the site before I went to work this morning, and went YAY Fantasista’s up… Followed by damn! I don’t have time to read it now! Thanks for the release!

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