Fantasista Chapter 99

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we last released Fantasista, still the same problem, we need a typesetter. Except from that well, not much new.

Random shit: Have you ever had a goddamn bird stuck in your fireplace? It’s so annoying. It keeps bashing on the window and all and basically we are just waiting for it to die, but it’s already been 3 days and it’s still alive… Anyway

Enjoy this new chapter!

2 thoughts on “Fantasista Chapter 99”

  1. It’s cover in ashes and it’s a damn rook, I don’t want it flying all around the place, anyway it died this morning after like 4 days being in there, just when someone wanted to go rescue it lol.

  2. Thanks for the release, I just love this manga! Did you ever think of letting the bird out, thats what I have always done when we get one in the fireplace.

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