22 thoughts on “GE – Good Ending Ch74”

  1. YES!! This is what I have been waiting for!! Can’t wait to see her decision! I’m so sick of those typical school manga where everything goes right for the main character, and this series has delivered some great characters, each being as deep as the next. I think I can trust the author to keep this story interesting, even if it wen’t on for another 100 chapters. You can’t just quit a series when things don’t go your way.

  2. I think Touro wasn’t responsible for what happened to Yuuki, so once he explains it to her she might break up with Utsumi and then we’ll all rage like always lol

  3. I hope thats what happens Jibril :o
    But she might just do something stupid again.. who knows -.-

  4. I think Yuki considers talking to Touru to come to terms with her past so that she can move on and be with Uchi….

  5. agreed with sr7olsniper…. if this series ended on the chapter uchi kissed yuki… then it would be a REALLY good short school-life romance series but if the author gona make yuki go back with touru and then come back with uchi it gona be too long stretch and no one probably will read it anymore…

  6. I am hoping that Yuki can consider calling the A-hole because she knows Seiji is there and that makes her feel safe…
    Thanks for the release.

  7. Ah I dont care what happens anymore.. Everything ended at chp66 for me lol
    thanks for the work! I thought this would be like, 1 more week delayed because of the casualties.

  8. it would be a hugeeeee stretch to go bak to touru…..BUT this wait and staring and stuff makes it seem like it possible…and everytime this happen it just……
    wtf is she doing

  9. Ok If she goes back to Touru and braking up with Uchi I freaking quit this series. Like that is just too much, by the end of this series Uchi is going to either commit suicide or end up with a fear of woman

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