Player Kill Volume 7

It’s been a while since we released that one, so here it is, P.K volume 7. Two things about this volume: first page 128-129 is clearly my favorite page for the set up. And, I guess everyone is allowed to somehow dreams… (reference to the last chapter).

Enjoy this new volume!

My Doll House chp 4

Well, not much to say… Much to do, so there is some delay. Almost all chapters is TL so there is only my time that is missing.
And I don’t have any info about any 2nd volumes of this series.

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My Doll House 04

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Baby Steps Chapter 38

Here it is, a new chapter of baby steps, still in the middle of a lot of action! I don’t have much to say, cause I’ll release another chapter of a different series soon, so stay stuned!

Enjoy this new chapter!