GE – Good Ending Ch73

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  1. his soul, his heart a These feelings began to dry slowly recover.

    He then into the war in the State of Jin on the occasion were reversed Xuangong, reversed Xuangong almost demon, almost magic, it seems that the human potential of the dark nature of mind completely excited, which made his inner world has had some impact.

    Jin trip, so that the inner world of e South has undergone tremendous changes, he felt was a “he” revived.

  2. i bet that guy excuse is that the girl is actually his step-sister or something and that he has to take care of her so he couldn’t return the love to her and everything was a misunderstanding( for shou)

  3. whoops! sorry, i thought my first comment did not get posted because it did not show on the bottom (clearly this is my first time posting here lol)

  4. I love how mai is comforting shou by bringing her head towards hers the same way yuki did for utsumi on the last page of ch.13 (^_^)

  5. i love how mai, in this chapter on pg 12, is comforting shou by holding her head towards hers the same way yuki did for utsumi when he was heartbroken over shou (ch 13, last page)

  6. Alright, Shou did perfect, I am happy for her … concerning about Yuki, she should try to talk about this to Utsumi … great chapter :D

  7. Her ex boyfriend and her current look to much alike, they are like twins seperated at birth the only way i was able to keep up with the panels with them talking was by looking at their clothes, i honestly wish her ex boyfriend would leave her alone, she has worked to hard to make a normal life without him coming back again

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