Fantasista Chapter 98

The manga gods have spoken and decreed: there will be two chapters of Fantasista released today, indeed.

What is going on?

Oh, and

[17:41:26] no mention of the tsunami!?
[17:41:37] uh, should I?
[17:41:50] maybe?
[17:41:55] I guess you make a valid point
[17:41:57] it sucks how we didnt mention a single thing
[17:42:06] feel like we’re all ignornant or something
[17:43:53] we took a day of sileince by not releasing anything yesterday

We are not ignorant, our thoughts are still fixated on this terrible incident, along with our best wishes. We are with you, and we hope all of you can manage to come through this terrible hurdle unscathed and unharmed. We wish you all well.

Also, to any of our fans who have the means to do so, please consider donating to the Red Cross in this time of need.

Fantasista Chapter 97

It seems like it’s been ages… but here it is, finally, a new Fantasista chapter!

This one is also the start of a new volume, let’s hope it’s a good one.

Oh, and if you’re interested in helping us out, be it with cleaning or typesetting, whether you are experienced or a complete newbie, please apply! The most important is not necessarily skill, but the burning passion that will drive you to higher levels of manga appreciation! This is your chance to get closer to true enlightenment!