Kimiiro Focus chap 07

enjoy chapter 7 of kimiiro
was sort of unexpected to have it done so soon but it did =]
i don’t really have anything important to say
though i would like to know what ppl thinks of the recruitment page included in the chapter
and what you think i could do to make it better or if i should just scrap this and remake

12 thoughts on “Kimiiro Focus chap 07”

  1. thanks for the chapter~
    about the recruitment page, it’s quite well done… but the size… 1.5MB is too much, you can easily get it to <500KB without too much quality loss. same thing applies to the credit page...
    with a slow connection loading a 1MB+ page would take a long time, and if the readers are impatient, they’d just skip the credits and recruitment pages altogether, rendering them useless. oh and the size would also put an unnecessary pressure to your server’s bandwidth right?
    excuse the ramblings, just that my ISP caps my speed if i go over the download limit :P

  2. Thanks for the chapter! So many of us are enjoying this series now, keep it up.

    With regards to the recruitment page… it could use a proofread.

  3. Voyeurism is not a crime if the other person is an exhibitionist!

    Thank you for your hard work!

  4. I love the recruitment page! Very colorful, informative, and straight to the point. :) Thank you for the release!

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