GE – Good Ending Ch70 & 71

First of all I’m going to apologise for the delay. It was unavoidable, sometimes real life just gets in the way you know. Now you guys can stop complaining. ALSO, we are still recruiting as always, come visit us on IRC or the forums. Anyway, without further ado, I give to you, GE!

GE Delay

With our translator busy, GE may be delayed a few days. So PLEASE don’t bother asking about GE. It can get annoying, just understand that IT’S JUST ON A SMALL DELAY, NOT DROPPED.

Baby Steps Chapter 37

Here we go again!

The game against Araya continues, but it seems the winds are beginning to change after Maruo’s inexperience starts to show. Now that he’s run out of “Take Araya down” files, what will Maruo-kun do?

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Kimiiro Focus chap 05

…………………………really sucks how i was in a rush to finish my credit page cuz i gotta move to another location real fast and even making this post. and leaving out a lot of stuff that i wanted to say….

soooooooooooooo dammmmm cold, my fingers are so stiff…cant even type properly. anyway what i wanted to talk about was how people should come to our irc channel and just hang out ^^ our staff are real nice and we talk about everything and anything almost…though i would explain why i want you guys to come… time….

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