The!! Beach Stars Chapter 5

Hello everyone, so here it is, chapter 5 of The!! Beach Stars, the usual fanservice chapter in the hot baths for all of you little perverts! Unfortunately, there’s nothing visible, there’s always this little annoying fog around! Oh well.

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. “Little devil you do not fool around, and now most people already know my identity, certainly a few people to guess your identity, in full view, you had better pay attention to the etiquette of public … … ah!” Chen South glanced at the foot of the magician, the “Princess” and “master” word swallow back.

    Indeed, since the exposure of the identity of the South-chen fire, little princess’s identity has caused some people’s doubts, a few people now know her identity.

    Princess Lengheng a cry, and said: “You know what? Hey, I want to help you solve your magician feet away, see you free fall.” Her laugh is, of evil.

    Chen Nan is really shocked, if it is on the ground, his fearless, but now in the air, a cunning little princess Tiger flying animals to help, he immediately felt bad, hurried to the magician, said: ” quickly dropped to the ground. ”

    Saddled with a magician who already feel debilitated, now has Ziyaliezui, Getting to the whereabouts of the remark to go after the fast.

    Princess grinning: “The wanted to run, not so easy. Xiaoyu fast attack them, so that our guys had bullied the drop down

  2. thx for the chapter, im wondering when te next chapter is out, sorry for my english, im from south america and a ilove this manga

  3. Need help, I can’t find the 4th chapter of “The!! Beach Stars” any where on this site. Where can i download it from.

  4. @Ore-sama well, leechers will leech. :D
    Not everyone can bother to drop a comment, but atleast there’s some good souls out there.
    It’s appreciated.
    Anyway, yay~ \o/ for new chapter ^^

  5. I dont see why not a lot of people show gratitude here for this series.. I mean, Its in the 201st out of 6000+ in manga fox (which isn’t bad IMO) after all :/

    thanks for the chapter btw :)

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