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  1. “Lost almost a thousand years? Haha, hey, no comment!” Chen difficult to understand the taste of the South in mind, million years ago, he had passed this door Tantai Xuan his secrets, even years later once her successor Xiu this feature, but also and he had a mind to fight, Life is full of ah!

    Dreams can be children again, his face change color, again and again to be contradicting, this is something never before.

    School of the South know Tantai Chen Gong focuses on “cultivating” a dream today that he has successfully moved to anger resentment children, prompting her heart raw anger, the goal has been reached, he did not want to go on, to avoid counter-productive.

    However, at this moment, I heard thunder of the northeast corner of the College Long Xiao sounded that way, a more than ten feet long dark green Yaron into the sky, coming to here.

    East Phoenix mount the horse Shen Diao and Princess Tiger, all out of the color guard, a blink of staring at the monster getting closer.

    Yaron until a flash, a huge dragon footer Dangqi in the air, an intense wind. Dragon footer whole sixteen great husband, dark green armor, Bi quiet, Sen Han, terror Alondra four stout, sharp, glow

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