Dageki Joi Saori Chapter 07

Here’s another manga we haven’t released in a while, Female Batting Doctor Saori, because we lacked a translator for it, but thanks to cookie_on_fire, who gave us a hand, we will be able to release the series again and hopefully complete it soon!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. The little princess hands, feet, mouth Qi moving, like a little Cibao Chen Nan and generally grasping, kicking, biting, the mouth has kept the curse: “I killed you scum die, die you catch, kick you die … … “She understood the bottom line of the south-chen, to know his current situation, certainly will not turn against the state of Chu. So, while now she was scared, but still does not show weakness.

    “Ah, little devil really dare to bite me?!” Chen Nan Accidentally she really bite his arm pain while Ziyaliezui, he quickly break apart and her mouth, and she will be pressed sideways the Tiger’s back, raising his hand to her rounded buttocks is quite a slap.


    “Ouch … … dead scum you’d do?! I get you for that … …” Little Princess no Xiuyou gas, continue to earn a move.

    Chen Nan thought of the little princess at all the hateful, and then think that their life away with her signed contract, he felt the body seems to have a fire burning, the moment will not hesitate to hold her after Jiaoqu graceful curves, picked up a slap in the face is the meal to her hips Luangai.

    “Crackling” sound to the ear, watching the people on the ground mouth fell open in surprise, little princess who see the following pointing, shame shame.

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